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Vedius' Picks To Watch: IEM

EU LCS caster Vedius takes a special look at interesting picks that could make their way to Katowice in Poland for the 2017 IEM World Championship!
2 days ago

Post-Game Lobby: EULCS Week 5

Sjokz, Stress, and Splyce’s Sencux look back on the second week of cross-group play and ahead to IEM Katowice.
3 days ago

2017 World Championship Update

Worlds 2017 will be a 24 team-tournament in China with teams from all 13 LoL professional leagues.
2 weeks ago

2017 Mid-Season Invitational Update

MSI 2017 will now be a 13-team tournament with representatives from all 13 LoL professional Leagues.Regional seed placement will be based on previous results from the past two years of MSI and Worlds. MSI 2017 results will continue to impact Worlds 2017 regional seeds.
2 weeks ago

2017 International Events

MSI 2017 is going to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on April 28 - May 21. Worlds 2017 is heading to China including Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Shanghai from September 23 - October 29. At the Finals on November 4, we’ll be crowning our new World Champions from the Beijing National Stadium aka the Bird’s Nest.
2 weeks ago

2017 Global Competitive Event Locations

Explore the locations of our 2017 global competitive esports events: the 2017 League of Legends Worlds Championship and the Mid-Season Invitational.
2 weeks ago

Post-Game Lobby: EULCS Week 3

Drakos, Krepo, Fnatic's Rekkles and Vitality's Cabochard look toward the first week of cross-group play.
2 weeks ago

Post-Game Lobby: EU LCS Week 2 Recap

Catch up on week two of the European LCS Spring Split with Drakos, Deficio, and the Unicorns of Love's Sheepy as they take another look at the rookies to watch, the global meta, and more
3 weeks ago

EU LCS tickets are available now!

It’s time to show the world how loud European fans can be! Support your favourite pro players, teams, and cheer new and familiar faces each week in Berlin. Tickets for the first five weeks of the Spring Split are available now.
1 month ago

Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 7 - Worlds

Relive the drama of the 2016 World Championship through the eyes of five of the world’s best pros. For Smeb and ROX tigers a fabled match-up with arch rival SKT does not go as planned and proves to be one of the last time that the Tigers compete together. While these titans battle for a chance at Worlds glory, EDG faces unexpected challenges in groups and Revolta comes face to face in competition with his Idol, Clearlove.
1 month ago