Elementalist Lux

2017 Season Update

Nerfs for The Unforgiven, splash art updates, and a deep-dive of champion smells.

Explodification abounds as Nexus Siege returns to the rotating game mode queue.

The last big patch of 2016!

Fire and Ice will clash at the 2016 All-Star Event. Grab the official event shirt.

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:

Most Recent News

The official shirt of ASE 2016

Fire and Ice will clash when 30 of the top pros from around the world meet at the 2016 League Of Legends All-Star Event. Grab the official All-Star Event shirt for a limited time.
1 day ago

Kick off the 2017 Ranked Season with the dev team!

Join the devs as we kick off the 2017 Ranked season with an afternoon of placement games!
4 days ago

Are you Fire or Ice?

Are you a burning hot flame ready to smoke out your opponents or is your style more of an icy touch that will freeze the heat out of your enemies? Show your support of your favorite pros during the 2016 All-Star Event on the Rift.
4 days ago

Blitzcrank joins the Battle for Baron

Blitzcrank joins the Battle for Baron and steamrolls his way into the Series 2 figure line. Grab him before he grabs you.
5 days ago

Who needs a map?

Trace the trade routes of Piltover on a new map, and read a tale of the trials of Progress Day.
1 week ago